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fillRIT’s 2005-2015 Strategic Plan represents the collective work of the RIT community at two points in time: 2003-2004, during the presidency of Albert J. Simone, and 2007, during the first year of William W. Destler’s presidency.

In 2004, over 300 members of the RIT community—faculty, staff, administration, and students—collaboratively developed the 2005-2015 Strategic Plan titled Category of One University. This plan, which followed the highly successfully 1994-2004 Strategic Plan, Learning and Careers, mapped RIT’s ten-year future within five intersecting areas that were deemed vital to the continuing prosperity of the university:

  • Career Focus
  • Student Success
  • Scholarship
  • Global Society
  • Community

In 2007, Category of One University was adapted to align with the vision of the new president, William W. Destler, and with the trustees’ priorities for the new administration. The modified plan, now referred to as Imagine RIT, is wholly consonant in spirit and intent with the 2004 plan.

Like its predecessors, Imagine RIT connects the history of this remarkable university with the imperatives of the present and ambitions for the future.