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Founders Award

HISTORY: The Founders Award was authorized on January 15, 1934.
CRITERIA: This second highest award of the Institute is to be extended to the persons who are living examples of the type of public and Institute spirit demonstrated by the founders of the Athenaeum and the Mechanics Institute.
CONFERRED BY: The Executive Committee of the RIT Board of Trustees
PROCESS: 1. Members of the Board, faculty, staff, and administration may
submit nominations for consideration to the President of RIT.

2. The President recommends candidates for the award to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

3. Action is taken by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees and is reported to the full Board.

AWARD: Hand illuminated citation and a hand-crafted silver piece. Names of recipients listed on plaque in lobby of the George Eastman Building on the RIT Campus.
Carl F. Lomb
George H. Clark
Frank E. Gannett
Aileen O. Webb
M. Herbert Eisenhart
Mark Ellingson
Ralph W. Tyler
Arthur L. Stern
Brackett H. Clark
Burton S. August
F. Ritter Shumway
Robert F. Panara
James and Janis Gleason
Albert J. and Carolie R. Simone
June 11, 1935
June 11, 1935
May 17, 1952
May 26, 1956
September 22, 1971
November 20, 1972
October 4, 1974
March 4, 1983
July 15, 1985
April 19, 1990
November 15, 1990
October 23, 1998
April 16, 1999
November 14, 2002
December 2002