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Honorary Degree

HISTORY: Honorary degrees were approved by the Board of Regents on December 19, 1958 to confer:
      doctor of commercial science (D.C.S.)
      doctor of fine arts (D.F.A.)
      doctor of laws (LL.D)
      doctor of science (Sc.D.)
      doctor of civil law (D.C.L.)
      doctor of divinity (D.D.)
      doctor of letters (Litt..D.)
      doctor of music (Mus.D.)
      doctor of pedagogy (Pd. D.)
      doctor of sacred theology (S.T.D.)
      doctor of humane letters (L.H.D.)
      doctor of Hebrew letters (D.H.Litt)
      doctor of Jewish theology (D.J.T.)

The honorary degree shall be the Institute’s highest award. RIT will award honorary degrees sparingly. Members of the paid academic or nonacademic professional staff are not eligible. Ordinarily, an honorary degree would not be conferred on an active trustee. A candidate should meet two or more of the following:

  • Has achieved national recognition.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to society, either through personal or professional accomplishments.
  • Has made a significant contribution to his/her professional field.
  • Has had a significant impact on the development and advancement of RIT.
  • Has achieved distinction in the public service, through elective or appointed office.

Additional details are outlined in the RIT Personnel Policies Manual,Section D14.0


CONFERRED BY: RIT Board of Trustees
PROCESS: 1. Members of the Board, faculty, staff, and administration may
submit nominations for consideration to the Faculty Honorary
Degree Committee, which is chaired by the Provost.

2. The Faculty Honorary Degree Committee forwards its recommendations on all nominees to the President. The President may reject a recommendation or support it. The President’s recommendations for granting honorary degrees will be forwarded to the University Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees. All recommendations supported by the University Relations Committee will be forwarded to the full Board of Trustees.

3. Approval is required by the full Board of Trustees.

4. The candidate must be present in person, normally on the RIT campus, to receive the degree.

AWARD: Honorary Degree Diploma
Framed Citation
William S. Vaughn, LL.D.
Jack St. Clair Kilby, Sc.D.
Gordon B. Parks, D.F.A.
Silvio Conte, Sc.D.
Richard Silverman, L.H.D.
Albert Rose, Sc.D.
Alfonse D'Amato, Sc.D.
Frank Horton, L.H.D.
Vaclav Klaus, LL.D.
Robert Davila, L.H.D.
Henriette Avram, L.H.D.
Jehan El-Sadat, L.H.D.
Joseph M. Juran, Sc.D.
Genji Murai, D.C.S.
Mervin D. Garretson, L.H.D.
Douglass C. North, L.H.D
Burton S. August, L.H.D.
Gertrude B. Elion, L.H.D.
Rosalyn Yalow, L.H.D.
James C. Marsters, L.H.D.
Thomas H. Gosnell, L.H.D.
George H. Bush, L.H.D.
Chozemon Ohi, L.H.D.
Mary McAleese, L.H.D.
William A. Johnson, L.H.D.
E. Kent Damon, L.H.D.
Lucius R. Gordon, L.H.D.
Norman Jewison, L.H.D.
George J. Tenet, Sc.D.
Massimo Vignelli, D.F.A.
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