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Office of the President

Honorary Trusteeship

HISTORY: Established by the Bylaws of the RIT Board of Trustees, Article IV, Section I.
CRITERIA: Qualifications for election as Honorary Trustee shall be unusual or outstanding service to or interest in the affairs of the Institute, leadership in the community in which the candidate resides or in his/her particular field of endeavor, or high qualities of character and personal reputation.
CONFERRED BY: Vote of the full Board of Trustees
PROCESS: 1. Members of the Board, faculty, staff, and administration
may submit nominations for consideration to the President for recommendation to the Chairman of the Committee on Trustees.

2. If approved by the Committee on Trustees, recommendation is made to the full Board.

3. The full Board votes on the recommendation at its Annual Meeting or at any regular meeting, or at any special meeting with respect to which notice has been given of such proposed election.

Note: Additional details are included in the Bylaws of the RIT Board of Trustees, Article IV, Section 1.

AWARD: Entitled to receive notices of all meetings of the Board of Trustees, to attend and speak at all such meetings, to receive minutes of all meetings of the Board and Executive Committee, and to be a member of committees.
Arthur M. Lowenthal
John Wiley Jones
James R. Alsdorf
Karl F. Fuchs
Kilian J. Schmitt
Frederick Wiedman, Jr.
William B. Hale
Catherine B. Carlson
Ernest J. Del Monte
April 28, 1977
September 19, 1977
September 24, 1979
September 21, 1981
April 15, 1985
November 14, 1987
July 20, 1990
November 9, 2000
November 14, 2002
December 2002