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The RIT Board of Trustees consists of 50 active trustees (including the President of the Institute and representatives of the RIT Alumni Association, the Women’s Council of RIT, and the National Advisory Group of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf) and 30 trustees of emeritus or honorary status.  Currently, the total number of active, emeriti, and honorary trustees is 80.


Three full board meetings are held annually each April, July, and November.  The meetings usually convene early Thursday afternoon and adjourn by mid afternoon on Friday.  Committee meetings are typically scheduled throughout Thursday morning prior to the board meetings.


In addition to the Executive Committee, which meets monthly, the board consists of five core committees, which meet throughout the year and at the time of the full board meetings.  They are the Education, Enrollment Management & Career Services, Finance, Student Life, and University Relations Committees.

Also, there are six subcommittees (Buildings & Grounds, Development, Endowment, Executive Compensation, Government Relations, and Research/Graduate Programs) and five special function committees (Audit, Committee on Trustees, Conflicts of Interest, Diversity, Global Delivery Corporation, and Strategic Planning).  Subcommittees and special function committees meet throughout the year as needed.

Each active trustee serves on one core committee and one or more subcommittees or special function committees.  The president and other administrative officers provide staff support to each of the committees.

Terms of Office

Each trustee is assigned to one of four classes, which serve for four-year renewable terms. The Committee on Trustees reviews the activities and service of each trustee at the time his/her class is due for re-election. There is no limit to the number of terms to which trustees may be elected up to the age of 75, at which time they may be elected to emeritus status.


There are 25 RIT alumni on the Board of Trustees.

Geographic Representation

Trustees residing in the Rochester area: 25

Trustees residing outside the Rochester area: 25

Other NY (5), California (2), Colorado (1), Connecticut (2), Delaware (1), Georgia (2), Kentucky (1), Maryland (3),   Pennsylvania (1), North Carolina (3), Utah (1) and Virginia/Washington, DC (2).

International: Mumbai, India (1).