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Six Vision Pillars

Becoming a Creative and Innovative University

How will RIT infuse creativity and innovation into every student's educational experience? How will RIT become known on a national and international scale as a center for innovative technology development and innovative solutions to business and societal problems?

Becoming a Renowned Career-Focused, Teaching University

How will RIT maintain its current student-centered, career-focused brand in the coming years while providing the best education and scholarship opportunities to our students and faculty?

Becoming a Respected Research and Scholarship University

How will RIT increase its renown as an applied knowledge research organization? How will applied research change in the coming years? How do we increase our opportunities for research funding?

Becoming a Great Student Experience University

How will RIT continue to expand and improve our students' experience here on campus while maintaining our commitment to top-quality career education?

Becoming an International University

How will RIT expand our reach around the globe, both in education programs, in corporate and government outreach, and in alumni outreach? How will this expanded reach positively impact our global culture here on campus?

A Sustainable University

What new needs and opportunities will arise as RIT seeks to become a world leader in sustainability education, research, and practice?

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