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Who are We

The Women's Council was the inspiration of Aileen Vanderbilt Webb, RIT's first woman trustee. Through the motiviation of Marcia Ellingson, wife of former RIT president Mark Ellingson, the Woman's Council was founded from a small group of friends of the Institute who were eager to volunteer their time and talents to advance RIT.

As a measure of the Council's value to RIT, one of our members represents the Council on the Institute's Board of Trustees and serves on Board committees.

The Women's Council of RIT 2015-2016 Officers & Committee Chairs

Board Members

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Women's Council of RIT is to stimulate interest and promote understanding of the Institute within the community, to provide an educational program about the Institute to its members, and to be of service to the Institute. The council is committed to participating in a variety of projects that advance the interest in and support of the Institute.

RIT Ambassadors

We have been described as "key ambassadors for RIT" and we are proud to serve as a significant link between RIT and the community. As goodwill ambassadors, we can promote a better understanding of the University and its quality career programs. In addition, through a variety of special projects, we are able to increase the circle of friends for RIT and many worthwhile Institute activities. By simulating interest in and supporting the value of an RIT education, we offer opportunities that are satisfying experiences to our members. The Council's meetings acquaint members with RIT programs, faculty, staff, students and the broad array of campus activities that enrich both the RIT education and the community.

Our Accomplishments

Our 2014-2015 year has been a busy one.

The RIT Women’s Council is celebrating 60 years of existence. With over 120 members, the Council hosts 7 educational programs a year that highlight RIT initiatives. This group also provides financial support to Margaret’s House, the Tiger Run, and the RIT Ambulance. The most important part of the financial contribution is the awarding of scholarships. Over $10K will be given this year to students who achieve successful academics together with campus involvement. Most of the fundraising is done through the Glass Pumpkin Patch sale. Students produce the pumpkins and the Council coordinates the sale. The students’ part goes toward academic programs and the Council takes their share and puts it toward scholarships. There are plans to grow this sale and include service Greek organizations to assist with the execution of the sale. The Women’s Council has plans to create a relationship with the Center for Women & Gender. The Council would like to fund a “Bridging the Gap” endowed fund to assist students in emergency situations. The fund would be administered by the center. The goal is to raise $60K to endow and allow annual disbursement to help pay for emergency medical appointments, emergency groceries, etc. The current fund has a $1,200 annual budget. Any support we can get at this point will help endow that fund.