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Women’s Council of RIT

The Women’s Council of RIT meets once a month (with a summer break for June, July and August). For more information on our organization, please check our website under "who we are." For more information on our events look at our "Upcoming Events" or "Past Events."

If you are interested in joining the Women’s Council of RIT, please contact us. See the September newsletter and the September flyer if you are interested in attending our next meeting.

Upcoming Women’s Council Event
“The Glass Pumpkin Patch” on September 27 at the RED BARN on the west side of the RIT campus (see attached Flyer).

Box-Tops for Education

The Women’s Council collects Box Tops for Education (found on many General Mills products and Kleenex boxes). These coupons are redeemed for nonbudgeted items for Margaret’s House. Please remember to bring your box tops to a meeting or mail directly to Margaret's House.

campbells box tops