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Advertising and Public Relations Immersion

Semester Requirements

The advertising and public relations immersion provides opportunities for the advanced study of selected areas central to the persuasive arts as they apply to advertising and public relations, as well as education and practice in writing, speaking, and design skills required of these professions. This immerson is closed to students majoring in advertising and public relations, communication, or journalism.

Choose three of the following:
   COMM-202    Mass Communications
   COMM-211    Principles of Advertising
   COMM-212    Public Relations
   COMM-221    Public Relations Writing
   COMM-305    Persuasion
   COMM-321    Copywriting and Visualization

Please note: Students must take either Principles of Advertising (COMM-211) or Public Relations (COMM-212) as one of their courses. At least one course must be at the 300 level.