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Biology Immersion

Biology is the study of living organisms, including their structure, systems, function, evolution, and ecology. The immersion provides students with the opportunity to experience courses in a variety of areas of modern biology. Students complete a foundational course in Cell & Molecular Biology, General Ecology, or Evolutionary Biology (which all include laboratory experiences) and then go on to study at least one area in more depth.

Choose one of the following sequences:
   BIOL-101, 102, 103, 104    General Biology I, II and Labs
   BIOL-121, 122    Introduction to Biology I, II
Required Course
Choose at least one of the following:
   BIOL-201    Cellular and Molecular Biology
   BIOL-240    General Ecology
   BIOL-265    Evolutionary Biology
Choose two of the following:
   BIOL-204    Introduction to Microbiology
   BIOL-207    Galapagos: Ecology and Evolution
   BIOL-211    Invertebrate Zoology
   BIOL-313    Comparative Animal Physiology
   BIOL-321    Genetics
   BIOL-322    Developmental Biology
   BIOL-365    Population Genetics
   BIOL-475    Conservation Biology
   MEDS-250     Human Anatomy and Physiology l
   MEDS-251    Human ANatomy and Physiology ll

* at least one elective must be at the 300-level or above.