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Communication Immersion

The communication immersion provides opportunities for the advanced study of selected areas of communication. Topics include an overview of the fields of persuasion, mass communications, public speaking, and small group communication. Students will understand and apply several modes of communication in academic, professional, and personal situations. This immersion is closed to students majoring in advertising and public relations and communication.

Choose three of the following:
   COMM-201    Public Speaking
   COMM-202    Mass Communications
   COMM-302    Interpersonal Communication
   COMM-303    Small Group Communication
   COMM-304    Intercultural Communication
   COMM-305    Persuasion
   COMM-341    Visual Communication
   COMM-342    Communication Law and Ethics
   COMM-343    Technology-Mediated Communication
   COMM-344    Health Communication
   COMM-503    Advanced Public Speaking
   COMM-357   Communication, Gender, & Media
   COMM-223   Digital Design in Communication