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Ethics Immersion

The ethics immersion provides students with opportunities to study different theories of how people ought to live their lives, to recognize and understand ethical dilemmas, and to develop solutions to ethical problems. The immersion emphasizes the following goals: an ability to recognize ethical issues and to think rationally and critically about them; an awareness of how ethical problems can result from complex social structures; an understanding of the relationship between individuals and the social settings with which they interact; and an appreciation of the conditions necessary for effectively resolving ethical problems. This immersion is closed to students majoring in philosophy.

Required courses
Choose one of the following:*
   PHIL-202    Foundations of Moral Philosophy
   PHIL-415    Ethical Theory
Choose two of the following:**
   PHIL-202    Foundations of Moral Philosophy
   PHIL-304    Philosophy of Law
   PHIL-305    Philosophy of Peace
   PHIL-306    Professional Ethics
   PHIL-308    Environmental Philosophy
   PHIL-309    Feminist Theory
   PHIL-403    Social and Political Philosophy
   PHIL-415    Ethical Theory
   MGMT-340    Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

*Students are required to take either Foundations of Moral Philosophy (PHIL-202) or Ethical Theory (PHIL-415). If students take one of these courses, they will choose two elective courses to complete the immersion. If they choose both of these courses students will choose one additional elective.

** At least two courses must be at the 300 level or higher.