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Global Justice and Peace Studies Immersion

The global justice and peace studies immersion examines attempts to affect lasting accord and social justice on an international scale. Courses in philosophy and the social sciences help students understand the concepts of human rights, world poverty, and global solidarity. The goal of the immersion is to elucidate the link between concepts of peace and justice while assessing non-violent means of conflict resolution.

Choose three of the following:*
   ANTH-330    Cultural Images of War
   ANTH-345    Genocide and Post-Conflict Justice
   PHIL-202    Foundations of Moral Philosophy
   PHIL-304    Philosophy of Law
   PHIL-305    Philosophy of Peace
   PHIL-308    Environmental Philosophy
   PHIL-309    Feminist Theory
   PHIL-403    Social and Political Philosophy
   PHIL-415    Ethical Theory
   POLS-320    American Foreign Policy
   POLS-440    War and the State

* Students must select courses from at least two different disciplines. Students majoring in philosophy, sociology and anthropology, or political science must choose two of the three courses from outside their respective major.