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Modern Languages and Cultures - German Immersion

Ulrike Stroszeck, Minor Adviser
(585) 475-2921,

The following students are excluded from this immersion:
International Studies students who are focusing on German language and area studies
Fluent native speakers of German

This immersion introduces students to the language, customs, and cultural aspects (history, art, literature, politics, anthropology, and music) of German-speaking countries. The immersion consists of three language courses or, with permission, two language courses and one culture course. Students with previous language skills will begin the language courses at their current level of proficiency as determined by a placement test.

Choose three consecutive language courses:
   MLGR-201    Beginning German I
   MLGR-202    Beginning German II
   MLGR-301    Intermediate German I
   MLGR-302    Intermediate German II
   MLGR-401    Advanced German I
   MLGR-402    Advanced German II
With MLC faculty adviser permission, one of the following culture courses may be substituted for one of the sequential language courses:
   FNRT-210    Bach, Händel and the Baroque
   FNRT-211    Era of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
   HIST-280    History of Modern Germany