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American Artistic Experience Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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This concentration provides students with the opportunity to study the American artistic experience in a variety of arts, including painting, architecture, film, photography, music, theater, and mass media. Each course will present American art within the context of the broader current of American life, including its history, philosophy, social, and cultural traditions.

Electives­Choose three of the following:
0505-442 Music in the United States
0505-443 Images of American Life
0505-444 American Painting
0505-445 Issues in American Art
0505-446 American Film of the Studio Era
0505-447 American Musical
0505-448 20th Century American Music
0505-452 Special Topics in American Art*
0505-453 Theater in the United States
0505-454 Orchestra Repertoire and History
0505-455 Survey of Jazz
0505-457 Contemporary Drama, Theater, and Media
0505-463 Survey of African-American Music
0505-464 Blues as Personal and Social Commentary
0505-467 American Film Since the 1960s
0505-470 American Popular Song 1830-1950
0505-471 American Popular and Rock Music
0505-488 Special Topics in American Theater*
0505-491 Traumatic Images
0505-500 African-American Art
0505-504 Memory, Memorials, and Monuments
0505-505 Art in the Age of the New Deal
0505-506 Museums of Art and Design
0505-507 Landscapes Transformed
0505-516 Queer Looks

* Topics will vary.