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American Politics Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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The value in studying the American political system can scarcely be overemphasized. As Thomas Jefferson maintained, only an educated and enlightened democracy can endure. A democratic society remains valid only to the extent that its citizens are educated and well-informed about their government and issues of public policy. The purpose of this concentration is to give students a sound understanding of the U.S. political system. Courses detail various aspects of the American political system, giving students the tools to participate effectively in the political process.

Electives­Choose three of the following:
0508-484 Environmental Policy
0513-425 Politics and the Life Sciences
0513-426 Cyberpolitics
0513-427 Evolutionary International Relations
0513-428 Evolution and the Law
0513-429 Primate Politics
0513-449 Special Topics in Political Science
0513-450 State and Local Politics
0513-451 The Congress
0513-452 The American Presidency
0513-453 American Foreign Policy
0513-454 Political Parties and Voting
0513-455 Politics and Public Policy
0513-456 The Judicial Process
0513-457 Constitutional Law
0513-458 American Political Thought
0513-460 Constitutional Rights and Liberties
0513-462 Abraham Lincoln and American Democracy
0513-463 First Amendment, Liberty, and Deliberative Democracy
0513-465 Modern Constitutionalism, Liberty, and Equality
0513-466 Political Leadership
0513-481 Women in Politics
0513-485 Politics through Fiction
0513-514 Political Theory