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Archaeology Concentration

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Archaeology is the study of the human past by means of the physical residues of past human behavior: for example, poetry, stone and metal tools, and the remains of ancient dwelling sites. The archaeologist explains how human society has changed and developed over time using such physical evidence. Archaeology employs techniques from the physical sciences to build a more detailed picture of the human past. Students explore the worlds of the past through hands-on applications of physical science techniques in a diverse range of fields, including chemistry, metallurgy, biology, and material science, applying these disciplines in a novel and challenging context.

Electives­Choose three of the following:
0510-455 Special Topics
0510-465 Social and Cultural Theory
0510-485 Exploring Ancient Technology
0510-502 Archaeology and the Human Past
0510-506 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
0510-507 Archaeological Science
0510-508 Archaeology of Cities
0510-509 Survey of Metallurgy
0510-511 Field Methods in Archaeology
0510-512 Garbage Archaeology