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Art History Concentration

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The art history concentration is the study of art history across a broad period of historical time and geographical space. The variety of specialized courses allows students to gain insight into the artistic contributions of Europe, Asia, and the developing world. The concentration includes several liberal arts courses and some upper-division specialty art history courses. This concentration is offered as an alternative to the American artistic experience concentration, specifically designed for those students who wish to acquire a broader understanding of art and culture outside of the United States.

ElectivesChoose three of the following:
0505-421 Introduction to Museums and Collecting
0505-422 Art Materials: Panel Printing
0505-423 Art Materials: Photography
0505-424 Legal and Ethical Issues for Collecting Institutions
0505-425 Display and Exhibition Design
0505-436 Women’s Stories and Films
0505-437 The Forensic Investigation of Art
0505-438 Conservation of Cultural Material
0505-443 Images of American Life
0505-444 American Painting
0505-445 Issues in American Art
0505-446 American Film of the Studio Era
0505-452 Special Topics*
0505-467 American Film Since the 1960s
0505-468 Art of India and Southeast Asia
0505-469 Art of China, Korea, and Japan
0505-480 Women and the Visual Arts
0505-487 Special Topics: Art of Islam†
0505-491 Traumatic Images
0505-500 African-American Art
0505-504 Memory, Memorials, and Monuments
0505-505 Art in the Age of the New Deal
0505-506 Museums of Art and Design
0505-507 Landscape Transformed
0505-516 Queer Looks

* Special Topics (0505-452) may include the following topics: American Architecture, Queer Looks I, Queer Looks II, Harlem Renaissance, Visual Culture, Reading Images, Traumatic Images, and Art of Dying.

† Special Topics: Art of Islam (0505-487) may include the following topics: Persian/Turkish/Mughal Traditions and Arabic Tradition.