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Communication Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
(585) 475-2444,

This concentration provides opportunities for the advanced study of selected areas of communication. Topics include an overview of the fields of persuasion, mass communications, public speaking, and small group communication. Students will understand and apply several modes of communication in academic, professional, and personal situations. Students are encouraged to complete Human Communication (0535-480) before enrolling in other concentration courses. This concentration is closed to students enrolled in the following degree programs: professional and technical communication, advertising and public relations, and journalism.

ElectivesChoose three of the following:
0535-414 Interpersonal Communication
0535-480 Human Communication
0535-481 Persuasion
0535-482 Mass Communications
0535-483 Small Group Communication
0535-501 Public Speaking
0535-520 Intercultural Communication