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Communication Minor

Semester Requirements

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
(585) 475-2444,

The communication minor offers students a foundation in human communication theories, research, and skills. This minor is closed to students majoring in advertising and public relations, communication, or journalism.

Required Courses
COMM-101 Human Communication
Choose four of the following
   COMM-142    Introduction to Technical Communication 
   COMM-201    Public Speaking
   COMM-202    Mass Communications
   COMM-302    Interpersonal Communication
   COMM-303    Small Group Communication
   COMM-304    Intercultural Communication
   COMM-305    Persuasion
   COMM-341    Visual Communication
   COMM-344    Health Communication
   COMM-343    Technology-Mediated Communication
   COMM-345    Ethics in Technical Communication
   COMM-342    Communication Law and Ethics
   COMM-442    Professional Writing
   COMM-503    Advanced Public Speaking
   COMM-441    Writing the Technical Manual
   COMM-440    Visual Communication of Technical Information

Please note: At least two courses must be from the 300 level or higher.