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Criminal Justice Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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A concentration in criminal justice provides students with the appropriate foundation to analyze crime, crime control policy, and the role of the criminal justice system in the maintenance of order in society. Courses focus on the social definition and measurement of crime; the broad understanding of the causes of crime; and the societal response to crime through the police, courts, and corrections. The concentration further introduces students to the body of theory and research necessary to examine the effects and effectiveness of the criminal justice process. This concentration is closed to students enrolled in the criminal justice degree program.

Required Course:
0501-400 Criminology

ElectivesChoose two of the following:
0501-405 Major Issues in the Criminal Justice System
0501-406 Technology in Criminal Justice
0501-415 Domestic Violence
0501-440 Juvenile Justice
0501-441 Corrections
0501-443 Law Enforcement in Society
0501-444 Concepts in Criminal Law
0501-445 Minority Groups and the Criminal Justice System
0501-446 Women and Crime
0501-456 Courts
0501-507 Computer Crime
0501-511 Alternatives to Incarceration
0501-517 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
0501-518 Crime and Justice in the Community
0501-522 Victimless Crime
0501-523 Crime and Violence