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Deaf Studies Concentration

Matt Searls, Concentration Adviser
(585) 286-4657,

Cindy Sanders, Concentration Adviser
(585) 286-5149,

This concentration provides students who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) with the opportunity to study deaf culture from various perspectives.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in ASL is required for American Sign Language Literature (0525-595, 0504/0525-400) and Structure of American Sign Language (0525-496). Therefore, only students with ASL proficiency (not beginning or intermediate level skills) will be able to declare this concentration. Evening students may not declare this concentration.

ElectivesChoose three courses from the following groups:

Choose one of the following linguistics courses:
0525-385 Linguistics of ASL
0525-386 American Sign Language Literature
0525-391 American Sign Language II
0525-596 Special Topics: DST

Choose two of the following culture courses:
0504-545 Deaf American Literature
0507-463 American Deaf History
0507-473 European Deaf History
0507-476 Diversity in the Deaf Culture
0507-477 Oppression in Lives of Deaf People
0515-452 Special Topics: Diversity in the Deaf Community
0515-529 Deaf Culture in America