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Economics Concentration

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Economics is the study of human behavior in the allocation of scarce resources to production and the distribution of production among the members of society. The study of economics has taken on increasing importance as we realize that so many of the world's problems, including energy, overpopulation, and global pollution, have an economic basis. The purpose of the economics concentration is to apply tools of economic analysis to a variety of study areas. Note: The economics concentration is closed to students enrolled in the economics degree program.

0511-211 Principles of Microeconomics

Electives­Choose three of the following:
0511-402 Principles of Macroeconomics†
0511-440 Urban Economics
0511-441 Economics of Human Resources
0511-442 Contemporary International Economic Problems
0511-443 Current American Macroeconomics Problems
0511-444 Public Finance
0511-445 Survey of Economic Thought
0511-448 Economics of Less Developed Countries
0511-449 Comparative Economic Systems
0511-450 Benefit-Cost Analysis
0511-452 Monetary Analysis and Policy
0511-453 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
0511-454 International Trade and Finance
0511-455 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
0511-456 Industrial Organization
0511-457 Applied Econometrics*
0511-458 Economic Forecasting*
0511-459 Managerial Economics
0511-460 Mathematical Methods: Economics*
0511-461 Seminar in Applied Economics
0511-464 Game Theory with Economic Applications
0511-466 Health Care Economics
0511-480 Economic Role of Women
0511-481 Environmental Economics
0511-484 Natural Resource Economics
0511-571 Honors Seminar in Economics

* Introductory calculus and statistics are additional prerequisites for these courses.

† It is recommended that students take Principles of Macroeconomics (0511-402) as their first course before beginning the concentration.