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Environmental Studies Concentration

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The environmental studies concentration is an examination of the basic environmental problems we face, how environmental resource depletion and energy issues are related, and what kind of environmental ethics and/or values we have today and have had in the past. The concentration also explores the economic, legislative, and regulatory framework within which most environmental decisions are made. Since most technological areas are associated with significant environmental implications, it is essential that students have an understanding of, and a well-thought-out value orientation about, such environmental consequences.

Electives­Choose three of the following:
0507-464 Environmental Disasters in American History
0508-443 Face of the Land
0508-460 Environment and Society
0508-463 Great Lakes I
0508-464 Great Lakes II‡‡
0508-482 Energy and the Environment
0508-483 Environmental Values
0508-484 Environmental Policy
0508-487 Special Topics: Environmental Studies†
0508-488 History of Ecology and Environmentalism
0508-489 History of the Environmental Sciences
0508-490 Biodiversity and Society
0508-491 Sustainable Communities
0508-500 Science, Technology, and Society Classics
0508-520 Historical Perspectives on Science and Technology Seminar*
0508-530 Seminar in Science, Technology, and the Environment††
0508-540 Science and Technology Policy Seminar‡
0508-570 Environmental Studies Seminar§
0509-453 Environmental Philosophy
0510-449 Sustainable Development
0511-481 Environmental Economics**
0511-484 Natural Resource Economics**
0515-449 Population and Society§§
0521-451 Energy Policy

* Prerequisite: any two of the history of science or technology courses approved by the department

† Topics will vary.

‡ Prerequisite courses: Science and Technology Policy (0508-441), Environmental Policy (0508-484), or Foundations of Public Policy (0521-400)

§ Prerequisite: Two environmental studies electives

** Prerequisite course: Principles of Microeconomics (0511-211)

†† Prerequisite: Any two science, technology, and society courses

‡‡ Prerequisite: Great Lakes I (0508-463)

§§ Prerequisite: Cultural Anthropology (0510-210), Foundations of Sociology (0515-210) or equivalent