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Global Justice and Peace Studies Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
(585) 475-2444,

The global justice and peace studies concentration examines attempts to effect lasting accord and social justice on the international scale. Courses in philosophy, social sciences, and literature help students to understand concepts of human rights, world poverty, and global solidarity. The goal of the concentration is to elucidate the link between concepts of peace and justice while assessing non-violent means of conflict resolution. Note: Evening students may not declare this concentration.

Electives—Choose three of the following:*
0504-319 Arts of Expression: To Make Peace
0509-445 Social and Political Philosophy
0509-446 Philosophy of Law
0509-447 Contemporary Moral Problems
0509-448 The Philosophy of Peace
0509-476 Ethical Theory
0510-459 Cultural Images, War, and Terror
0513-453 American Foreign Policy
0513-488 War and the State
0513-491 Politics of the Middle East

* With approval from the global justice and peace studies adviser, certain Special Topics or Great Thinkers courses may also satisfy the requirements for this concentration.