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Globalization Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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Networks, flows of people, capital, goods, institutions, ideas, and images all contribute to globalization. This concentration analyzes the formal and informal connections across and beyond conventional borders and among the world's nations. Courses examine how these global connections have been forged, the various dynamic and unpredictable responses of people in diverse locations to global processes, and the implications of global processes for a shared future.

PrerequisiteChoose one of the following:
0515-210 Foundations of Sociology (or equivalent)
0510-210 Cultural Anthropology (or equivalent)
0524-210 Global Studies (or equivalent)

ElectivesChoose three of the following:
0510-440 Cultures in Globalization
0510-443 Immigration to the U.S.
0510-444 Global Economy and the Grassroots
0510-445 Global Cities
0510-447 Anthropology of Mass Media
0510-449 Sustainable Development
0510-451 Global Sexualities
0510-459 Cultural Images of War and Terror
0515-453 Global Exiles of War and Terror
0524-422 Histories of Globalization
0524-449 Special Topics: U.S. Relations with the Arab World
0524-449 Special Topics: Societies of the Modern Middle East