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History Minor

Semester Requirements

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A minor in history serves as a complement to any major of study, as historical study at the college level hones the skills that are important to any well-trained professional, namely effective writing, critical analysis, engaged reading, and logical thinking. Students can shape the history minor by choosing a geographic areas of study, such as American, European, or Asian history, or by choosing an historical topic, such as transnational history, comparative history, war, business, race, or gender.

Choose five of the following
   HIST-101    Making History
   HIST-102    Themes in U.S. History
   HIST-103    The City in History
   HIST-160    History of Modern East Asia
   HIST-170    Twentieth Century Europe
   HIST-190    American Women’s History
   HIST-201    Histories of Globalization
   HIST-210    Introduction to African Studies
   HIST-220    Introduction to Public History
   HIST-230    American Deaf History
   HIST-231    Deaf People in Global Perspective
   HIST-238    History of Disability
   HIST-240    Civil War America
   HIST-245    American Slavery and Freedom
   HIST-250    Origins of U.S. Foreign Relations
   HIST-251    Modern U.S. Foreign Relations
   HIST-252    The United States and Japan
   HIST-260    History of Pre-modern China
   HIST-261    History of Modern China
   HIST-265    History of Modern Japan
   HIST-266    History of Pre-modern Japan
   HIST-270    History of Modern France
   HIST-290    U.S. History Since 1945
   HIST-301    Great Debates in U.S. History
   HIST-302    Special Topics in History
   HIST-310    African Slave Trade
   HIST-321    Special Topics in Public History
   HIST-322    Monuments and Memory
   HIST-323    America’s National Parks
   HIST-324    Oral History
   HIST-325    Museums and History
   HIST-326    Doing History in a Digital World
   HIST-330    Deaf People and Technology
   HIST-335    Women and the Deaf Community
   HIST-345    Environmental Disasters
   HIST-350    Terrorism, Intelligence, and War
   HIST-365    Conflict in Modern East Asia
   HIST-369    Histories of Christianity
   HIST-402    Special Seminar in History
   HIST-421    Hands-on History
   HIST-439    Biography as History
   HIST-450    Modern Japan in History, Fiction, and Film
   HIST-461    Samurai in Word and Image
   HIST-462    East-West Encounters 

Please note: At least two courses must be at the 300 level or higher.