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History Minor

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A minor in history serves as a complement to any major of study, as historical study at the college level hones the skills that are important to any well-trained professional, namely effective writing, critical analysis, engaged reading, and logical thinking. Students can shape the history minor by choosing a geographic area of study (e.g.: American, European, or Asian history) or a historical topic (e.g.: transnational history, comparative history, war, business, race, or gender).

Choose five of the following:*
   HIST-101    Making History
   HIST-102    Themes in U.S. History
   HIST-103    The City in History
   HIST-160    History of Modern East Asia
   HIST-170    Twentieth Century Europe
   HIST-190    American Women’s History
   HIST-191    History of the Family in the U.S.
   HIST-201    Histories of Globalization
   HIST-210    Introduction to African Studies
   HIST-221    Introduction to Public History
   HIST-230    American Deaf History
   HIST-231    Deaf People in Global Perspective
   HIST-238    History of Disability
   HIST-240    Civil War America
   HIST-245    American Slavery and Freedom
   HIST-250    Origins of U.S. Foreign Relations
   HIST-251    Modern U.S. Foreign Relations
   HIST-252    The United States and Japan
   HIST-260    History of Pre-modern China
   HIST-261    History of Modern China
   HIST-265    History of Modern Japan
   HIST-266    History of Pre-modern Japan
   HIST-270    History of Modern France
   HIST-275    Screening the Trenches: WWI
   HIST-280    History of Modern Germany
   HIST-290    U.S. History Since 1945
   HIST-301    Great Debates in U.S. History
   HIST-302    Special Topics in History
   HIST-310    African Slave Trade
   HIST-321    Special Topics in Public History
   HIST-322    Monuments and Memory
   HIST-323    America’s National Parks
   HIST-324    Oral History
   HIST-325    Museums and History
   HIST-326    Doing History in a Digital World
   HIST-330    Deaf People and Technology
   HIST-333    Diversity in the Deaf Community
   HIST-335    Women and the Deaf Community
   HIST-345    Environmental Disasters
   HIST-350    Terrorism, Intelligence, and War
   HIST-365    Conflict in Modern East Asia
   HIST-369    Histories of Christianity
   HIST-380    International Business History
   HIST-381    Tech in the Modern World
   HIST-390    Medicine and Public Health in the US
   HIST-402    Special Seminar in History
   HIST-421    Hands-on History
   HIST-439    Biography as History
   HIST-450    Modern Japan in History, Fiction, and Film
   HIST-462    East-West Encounters 
   HIST-465    Samurai in Word and Image
   HIST-470    Science, Tech, Euro Imperialis
   HIST-480    Global Information Age

* At least two courses must be at the 300 level or higher.