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History Concentration

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This concentration offers courses in three major geographic areas: Europe, America, and the Third World. While some courses focus on the internal development of a people through studying their social, intellectual, and institutional growth, others examine international affairs as reflected in the diplomatic relations between countries. Depending on which three courses are selected, the student may aim to achieve a breadth of understanding of various geographic regions and historical approaches or to acquire depth in a more restricted field of study.

Electives—Choose three of the following:
0507-401 American Women: Colonies to 1848
0507-402 American Women: 1848 to Now
0507-410 Terrorism, Intelligence, and War
0507-411 Origins of U.S. Foreign Relations
0507-412 Modern Japan in History, Fiction, and Film
0507-440 U.S. Social and Intellectual History
0507-441 Modern U.S. Foreign Relations
0507-442 Contemporary Middle East
0507-443 European Social and Intellectual History Since 1600
0507-444 Strategy and Diplomacy of Europe
0507-445 Modern Latin American History
0507-446 Europe Since 1945 and the European Union
0507-447 U.S. History Since 1945
0507-448 History of Russia to 1917
0507-449 History of Russia Since 1917
0507-450 Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler
0507-451 History of Rochester
0507-462 The Civil War and Reconstruction
0507-463 American Deaf History
0507-464 Environmental Disasters in American History
0507-465 Survey of African-American History
0507-466 American Slavery, American Freedom
0507-467 American Disability History
0507-468 The United States and Japan
0507-469 Special Topics: History
0507-473 European Deaf History
0507-474 America’s National Parks
0507-475 Hands on History
0507-485 Foundations of Asian Civilizations
0507-486 20th Century China and Japan
0507-487 Communist China
0507-488 Modern Germany
0507-489 Japan in the Modern World
0507-490 History of Mexico
0507-496 African History
0507-497 Biography As History
0510-464 Nationalism and Identity