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Human Resource Management Minor

Jon Horne, Minor Adviser
(585) 475-5848,

Carol Whitlock, Minor Adviser
(585) 475-2353,

This minor has not been converted to semesters.

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Quarter Curriculum - For Reference Only

Effective fall 2013, RIT will convert its academic calendar from quarters to semesters. The following content has been made available as reference only. Currently matriculated students who began their academic programs in quarters should consult their academic adviser for guidance and course selection.

The human resource management minor provides students with the ability to market themselves as knowledgeable human resource managers in preparation for future leadership or management roles. The curriculum covers human resource management, international human resource management, understanding corporate culture, development of a learning organization, compensation and benefits, training design and delivery, employment law, and interviewing techniques.

Required Courses
Choose one of the following
   0619-480    Human Resource Management
   0113-400    Managing in the Global Environment
   0626-427    Employment/Labor Law
Choose one of the following
   0697-442    The Learning Organization
   0102-320    Organizational Behavior
Choose two of the following
   0626-554    International Human Resource Management
   0626-234    Interview Techniques
   0626-390    Compensation and Benefits
   0626-428    Training Design and Delivery
   0681-410    Introduction to Project Management
   0697-431    Understanding Corporate Culture