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International Relations Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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The international relations concentration introduces students to the complexities and shifting trends of international affairs, with an opportunity to study the significance of at least one aspect of the international system. We live in an increasingly interdependent world. Many career tracks will carry graduates into the multicultural arena of international transactions, which know no borders. Many emerging problems require international approaches if they are to be managed in the future.

Electives—Choose three of the following:
0507-442 Contemporary Middle East
0507-444 Strategy and Diplomacy of Europe
0507-488 Modern Germany
0513-425 Politics and the Life Sciences
0513-426 Cyberpolitics
0513-427 Evolutionary International Relations
0513-428 Evolution and the Law
0513-429 Primate Politics
0513-441 Politics in China
0513-443 Politics of Russia
0513-446 Politics in Developing Countries
0513-447 Human Rights/Global Perspectives
0513-449 Special Topics in Political Science
0513-453 American Foreign Policy
0513-461 Comparative Politics
0513-467 Modern Korea
0513-484 Government and Politics of Africa
0513-486 Comparative Politics in Latin America
0513-487 International Law and Organization
0513-488 War and the State
0513-489 Terrorism and Political Violence
0513-490 International Political Economy
0513-491 Politics of the Middle East
0513-492 Religion and International Politics
0513-493 Global Politics and the Environment
0513-494 Comparative Public Policy
0513-496 Government and Politics in East Asia