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Literary and Cultural Studies Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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A concentration in literary and cultural studies offers a variety of approaches to the study of literary and non-literary texts, including but not limited to imaginative fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual culture, and new media. Those who choose this concentration will have the opportunity to engage such texts through both traditional and contemporary approaches. Students will develop their critical and analytical abilities as they become versed in the formal, contextual, and historical aspects of specific texts. All of the courses offered by the department of English are writing intensive and offer opportunities for sustained writing and communication practice.

0502-227 Writing (or equivalent)

Electives—Choose three of the following:
0502-463 Language and Brain
0504/0525-400 American Sign Language Literature
0504-425 Great Authors
0504-435 Global Literature
0504-436 The Graphic Novel
0504-440 Drama and Theater
0504-441 The Art of Poetry
0504-442 The Short Story
0504-443 The Novel
0504-444 Film as Literature
0504-447 Special Topics
0504-448 Biographical Literature
0504-454 Shakespeare: Tragedy and Romance
0504-455 Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
0504-460 Modern Poetry
0504-462 Literature and Technology
0504-464 Mythology and Folklore
0504-465 Viking Myth and Saga
0504-467 African American Literature
0504-469 American Literature
0504-474 Studies in British Literature
0504-476 Immigrant Voices in American Literature
0504-479 Latino Experience in Literature
0504-480 Women’s Studies in Language and Literature
0504-482 Science Fiction
0504-545 Deaf American Literature