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Modern Language and Culture - ASL Concentration

Cindy Sanders, Concentration Adviser
(585) 286-5149,

This concentration will introduce students to the language, customs, and cultural aspects (history, art, literature) of one particular country or area. Students will choose two consecutive language courses beyond the introductory prerequisite language course, as well as one related liberal arts culture course. The goal of this concentration is to raise students’ awareness of the relationship between language and culture and the differences between their own language and culture and those of the country they choose to study.

It is important to note that two out of the three required courses must be taken at RIT. Only one course may be transferred in, if necessary.

Students may not skip or go back to the lower level in the language course sequence. Students with some proficiency in the intended concentration should contact the concentration adviser to take a placement test prior to registration for the first course of the sequence at RIT. These concentrations are closed to native speakers. Evening students may not declare these concentrations.

0525-390 Beginning American Sign Language I

Required Courses:
0525-391 American Sign Language II
0525-392 American Sign Language III

Electives­â€”Choose one of the following:
0504-545 Deaf American Literature
0507-463 American Deaf History
0507-473 European Deaf History
0507-476 Diversity in the Deaf Culture
0507-477 Oppression in Lives of Deaf People
0515-529 Deaf Culture in America
0525-385 Linguistics of ASL
0525-386 American Sign Language Literature

* ASL courses taken through NTID cannot be applied toward this concentration.