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Modern Language - Portuguese Minor

Hiroko Yamashita, Minor Adviser
(585) 475-6074,

This minor provides two full years of modern language instruction to prepare students for living and working within an intercultural society both at home and abroad. The minor consists of five language courses fostering linguistic and cultural proficiency. Students with previous language skills must consult the minor adviser for placement evaluation before they register. Part of the requirements for this minor can be fulfilled by courses taken abroad. This minor is closed to fluent speakers of Portuguese.

Choose five consecutive language courses:
   MLPO-201    Beginning Portuguese I
   MLPO-202    Beginning Portuguese II
   MLPO-301    Intermediate Portuguese I
   MLPO-302    Intermediate Portuguese II
   MLPO-401    Advanced Portuguese I
   MLPO-402    Advanced Portuguese II
With MLC faculty adviser permission, two of the following culture courses may be substituted for two of the sequential language courses:
   ANTH-335    Culture and Politics in Latin America

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Quarter Curriculum - For Reference Only

Effective fall 2013, RIT will convert its academic calendar from quarters to semesters. The following content has been made available as reference only. Currently matriculated students who began their academic programs in quarters should consult their academic adviser for guidance and course selection.

Effective fall 2013, a minor in Portuguese will be offered.