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Philosophy Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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The philosophy concentration provides students with an opportunity to study the nature, methods, problems, and achievements of philosophical inquiry. The concentration emphasizes the following goals: the ability to think rationally and critically, an awareness of ethical values, an appreciation of aesthetic values, an awareness of how the past affects the present and future, and an understanding of the relationship between the individual and the social settings with which he or she interacts. This concentration is closed to students enrolled in the philosophy degree program.

Electives—Choose three of the following:
0509-440 Philosophy of Religion
0509-441 Logic
0509-442 Philosophy of Art/Aesthetics*
0509-443 Philosophy of Science‡
0509-444 The Great Thinkers**
0509-445 Social and Political Philosophy§
0509-446 Philosophy of Law
0509-447 Contemporary Moral Problems
0509-448 Philosophy of Peace
0509-449 Special Topics**
0509-450 Seminar in Philosophy†**
0509-451 Professional Ethics
0509-452 Philosophy of Technology
0509-453 Environmental Philosophy
0509-454 Feminist Theory*
0509-455 Theories of Knowledge
0509-456 Ancient Philosophy
0509-457 Modern Philosophy
0509-458 Philosophy of Mind
0509-459 Philosophy of the Social Sciences††
0509-460 East Asian Philosophy
0509-461 American Philosophy
0509-462 Contemporary Philosophy
0509-464 Philosophy of Action
0509-465 Critical Theory*
0509-466 Existentialism
0509-467 Medieval Philosophy
0509-468 Metaphysics*
0509-469 19th Century Philosophy*
0509-470 Philosophy and Literary Theory*
0509-471 Philosophy of Film*
0509-472 Minds and Machines
0509-473 Technology and Embodiment
0509-474 Philosophy of Language*
0509-475 Philosophy of Vision/Imaging*
0509-476 Ethical Theory
0509-571 Honors Philosophy

* Prerequisite: One previous philosophy course or permission of the instructor is strongly encouraged.

† Prerequisite: Two prior courses in philosophy or permission of the instructor.

‡ Prerequisite: At least one prior course in either philosophy or one of the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, or biology).

§ Prerequisite: At least one prior course in philosophy, political science, or sociology

** Topics may vary.

†† Prerequisite: At least one prior course in either philosophy or one of the social sciences (psychology, economics, political science, sociology, or anthropology)