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Sociology and Anthropology Concentration

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This concentration examines the dynamism and creative contestation of culture and social norms across the globe, as well as the constraints within which people negotiate meaningful lives. By selecting from courses on a wide range of topics—including gender and sexuality, families and marriage, ethnicity and racism, class and inequality, immigration, health and cultural conceptions of the body, urban life, war and violence, cultural images and mass media, technology and work, social movements, and globalization—students explore how people create and experience their social worlds.

Prerequisite–Choose one of the following:
0515-210 Foundations of Sociology (or equivalent)
0510-210 Cultural Anthropology (or equivalent)

Electives—Choose three of the following:
0510-440 Cultures in Globalization
0510-442 Cultures and Politics in Latin America
0510-443 Immigration to the U.S.
0510-444 Global Economy and the Grassroots
0510-445 Global Cities
0510-446 Native North Americans
0510-447 Anthropology of Mass Media
0510-448 Native Americans in Film
0510-449 Sustainable Development
0510-450 Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation
0510-451 Global Sexualities
0510-452 Bodies and Culture
0510-454 Visual Anthropology
0510-457 Divided Europe
0510-459 Cultural Images of War and Terror
0510-460 Genocide and Post-Conflict Justice
0510-461 Native American Repatriation
0510-464 Nationalism and Identity
0510-465 Social and Cultural Theory
0510-483 Anthropology of Religion
0510-484 Islamic Culture and the Middle East
0510-486 Globalizing Africa
0510-487 African Popular Cultures
0510-488 Muslim Youth Cultures
0510-502 Archaeology and the Human Past
0510-506 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
0510-507 Archaeological Science
0510-508 The Archaeology of Cities
0510-509 Survey of Metallurgy
0510-511 Field Methods in Archaeology
0510-512 Garbage Archaeology
0515-406 Qualitative Methods
0515-413 Urban Planning and Policy
0515-441 The Changing Family
0515-442 Urban Experience
0515-443 Sociology of Work
0515-444 Social Change
0515-446 Sociology of Health
0515-447 Women, Work, and Culture
0515-448 Minority Group Relations
0515-449 Population and Society
0515-451 Transfer of Technology and Globalization
0515-453 Global Exiles of War and Terror
0515-454 US Housing Policy
0515-455 Urban Poverty
0515-482 African-American Culture
0515-483 Hispanic-American Culture
0515-485 Diversity in the City
0515-506 Social Inequality
0515-507 Complex Organizations
0515-509 Social Policy
0515-515 Social Policy and Aging
0515-524 Applied Sociology
0515-529 Deaf Culture in America
0515-569 Human Sexuality
0524-420 Introduction to African Studies
0524-421 African Slave Trade
0524-422 Histories of Globalization
0526-440 Quantitative Research
0526-441 GIS Applications in Urban Cultural Studies