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Urban Studies Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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Metropolitan areas must address such perennial issues as housing, transportation, education, crime, safety, recreation, and economic development. Each must do so with recognition of its place in the wider regional, national, and global contexts as well as with sensitivity to its own defining features. The urban studies concentration helps students identify and analyze such fundamental issues and allows them to explore and assess various ways policy-makers respond to those issues.

Prerequisite–Choose one of the following:
0515-210 Foundations of Sociology (or equivalent)
0510-210 Cultural Anthropology (or equivalent)

Electives–Choose three of the following:
0510-443 Immigration to the U.S.
0510-445 Global Cities
0510-465 Social and Cultural Theory
0510-508 Archaeology of Cities
0515-413 Urban Planning and Policy
0515-442 The Urban Experience
0515-454 U.S. Housing Policy
0515-455 Urban Poverty
0515-485 Diversity in the City
0526-443 Community and Economic Development: Rochester