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Women and Gender Studies Concentration

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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Women and gender studies offers students a variety of academic perspectives on the role of women in modern western civilization. The courses enable the student to examines the roles, values, and self-perceptions of women in a traditionally male-oriented society; develop a sophisticated, humanistic angle of vision from which to appreciate the many and varied accomplishments of women; and develop a mature sensitivity to the difficulties and frustrations encountered by women. Although the focus of the concentration is on the experiences of women, the concentration does not intend to be a study in separatism. Rather, it offers the possibility for integrating a new, academically disciplined appreciation of women’s issues into the student’s comprehension of wider problems and issues of humanity. All courses emphasize critical reading, thinking, and analysis. All require at least one substantial written assignment. Students are encouraged to relate the intellectual knowledge gained in each course to insights about their own experience and behavior.

Electives—Choose three of the following:
0505-480 Women and Visual Arts
0505-491 Traumatic Images
0505-516 Queer Looks
0510-451 Global Sexualities
0522-400 Foundations of Gender Studies*
0522-401 American Woman: Colonies to 1848*
0522-402 American Woman: 1848 to Now*
0522-405 Women and Science
0522-406 Feminist Theory*
0522-407 Seminar on Sexual Violence
0522-410 Introduction to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
0522-415 Domestic Violence
0522-436 Women’s Stories, Women’s Films*
0522-439 Queer Looks I
0522-446 Women and Crime*
0522-447 Women, Work, and Culture*
0522-449 History of Women in Science and Engineering
0522-450 Gender, Science, and Technology*
0522-451 Global Sexualities
0522-452 Bodies and Culture
0522-453 Economic Role of Women
0522-454 Hispanic Women in the World
0522-459 Toni Morrison*
0522-460 Special Topics†
0522-480 Women and the Visual Arts*
0522-481 Women’s Studies in Language and Literature*
0522-482 Women in Politics*
0522-483 Psychology of Women*
0522-484 Auto/Biography
0525-543 Women in the Hispanic World: Politics of Identity Formation

* These courses may require prerequisites.

† Special Topics (0522-460) may include the following: Traumatic Images, Queer Looks II, Art of Dying, Contemporary Women’s History, Prostitution and Vice, and Queering Gender.