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Ethics Minor

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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The ethics minor provides students with the ability to recognize ethical issues and to think critically to resolve them, both generally and within their chosen discipline. They also learn how ethical problems can result from complex social structures and how changing structural features may avoid ethical problems. Three courses in philosophy are required plus two electives from the approved list, at least one of which must be outside philosophy. This minor is closed to students majoring in philosophy.

Required Courses
PHIL-202 Foundations of Moral Philosophy
PHIL-415 Ethical Theory
Choose three of the following (at least one course must be in philosophy and at least one course must be outside philosophy)
   BIOL-255    Genetics and Society
   CRIM-299    Crime, Justice, and Ethics
   ISTE-110    Ethics in Computing
   MEDS-360     Placebo, Suggestion, Research, and Health 
   MGMT-340    Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility  
   NSSA-221    System Administration I
   PHIL-304    Philosophy of Law   
   PHIL-305    Philosophy of Peace  
   PHIL-306    Professional Ethics
   PHIL-308    Environmental Philosophy
   PHIL-309    Feminist Theory
   PHIL-403    Social and Political Philosophy
   PUBL-201    Ethics, Values, and Public Policy
   SOCI-225    Social Inequality