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Geographic Information Systems Minor

Brian Tomaszewski, Minor Adviser
(585) 259-9678,

The geographic information systems (GIS) minor provides students with experience in the concepts, technology, and applications related to computer-based mapping, spatial databases, and geographic analysis and problem solving. The minor features two tracks: a GIS development track for students interested in GIS software development, and a GIS analysis track for students interested in utilizing GIS as a strong methodological base within their major of study. Required courses provide core GIS foundations applicable to a variety of multidisciplinary elective courses students can choose from to match their research, post-graduate, or career interests.

Required Courses
ISTE-382 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies
ISTE-384 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GIS development track
ISTE-386 GIS Programming
ISTE-482 Geospatial Data Analysis
ISTE-484 Thematic Cartography and Geovisualization
GIS analysis track
ISTE-230  Introduction to Database and Data Modeling
ISTE-482 Geospatial Data Analysis
ISTE-483 Information Science and Technology Research