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Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies Minor

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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The Latino/Latina/Latin American studies minor provides at least two full years of instruction to prepare students for living and working within an intercultural society both at home and abroad. The minor consists of five courses fostering cultural, or linguistic and cultural, proficiency. Part of the minor requirements can be taken abroad. This minor is closed to students majoring in international and global studies who have chosen to focus on the Spanish or Portuguese languages or on Latin America as a regional focus.

Culture Courses
Choose four or five of the following:
   MLSP-351    Gender and Sexuality
   MLSP-352    Caribbean Cinema
   MLSP-353    Trauma and Survival
   ANTH-255    Regional Archaeology
   ANTH-335    Culture and Politics in Latin America
   ANTH-350    The Global Economy and the Grassroots
Language Courses
Choose one of the following (if only four culture courses are chosen):*
   MLSP-201A    Beginning Spanish IA
   MLSP-201B    Beginning Spanish IB
   MLSP-202    Beginning Spanish II
   MLSP-301    Intermediate Spanish I
   MLSP-302    Intermediate Spanish II
   MLSP-401    Advanced Spanish I
   MLSP-402    Advanced Spanish II
   MLPO-201    Beginning Portuguese I
   MLPO-202    Beginning Portuguese II
   MLPO-301    Intermediate Portuguese I
   MLPO-302    Intermediate Portuguese II
   MLPO-401    Advanced Portuguese I
   MLPO-402    Advanced Portuguese II

* Students who have prior study in either language must take a placement exam through the Department of Modern Languages to determine the appropriate level language course to begin with.
† Course may be used when topic focuses on Mesoamerica