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Theatre Arts Minor

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services


The theatre arts minor provides an iterative balance of theory and practice that engages students intellectually and creatively. This combination of critical thinking and experiential learning offers students an in-depth understanding of the art of theater, as well as an introduction to the role of theater as both a form of commentary on, and as a reflection of, society and culture. The minor includes student participation in a minimum of three department sponsored theater productions via Theater Ensemble (FNRT-230) and Dramatic Theory and Text Analysis (FNRT-207).

Required Courses
FNRT-207 Dramatic Theory and Text Analysis
FNRT-230 Theater Ensemble*
Choose three of the following
   FNRT-204    Music and the Stage
   FNRT-231    Theory and History of Acting
   FNRT-260    Design/Stagecraft Apprenticeship†
   FNRT-301    Theater in Europe
   FNRT-302    Theater in the United States
   FNRT-303    Shakespeare the Dramatist
   FNRT-304    African American Playwrights
   FNRT-489    Special Topics in Performing Arts
   FNRT-490    Special Topics in Performing Arts

* Students must take Theater Ensemble (FNRT-230) three times.

† Students may substitute one credit of Design/Stagecraft Apprenticeship (FNRT-260) for one credit of Theater Ensemble (FNRT-230).