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National Technical Institute for the Deaf - Graduate Faculty

Gerald C. Bateman, BS, MS, State University College at Geneseo; Ed.D., University of Rochester—Professor; Director, Curriculum and Teaching

Carol Lee De Filippo, BA, Newark State College; MS, Purdue University; MS, Ph.D., Washington University—Professor, Communication Sciences: Audiology

Susan B. Foster, BA, Northwestern University; BS, University of Maine; M.Ed., Bridgewater State College; Ph.D., Syracuse University—Professor, Special Education and Rehabilitation

Melinda J. Hopper, BS, MS, Illinois State University; Ph.D., University of Rochester—Lecturer, Literacy and the Deaf Adolescent

Ronald R. Kelly, BS, M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln—Professor, Educational Psychology and Measurements

Baldev Kaur Khalsa, BA, M.Ed., Western Maryland College—Associate Professor, Education of Deaf Students

Christopher A. N. Kurz, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MS, Ph.D., University of Kansas—Associate Professor, Special Education: Education of Deaf Students

Ila Parasnis, BA, MS, Nagpur University (India); MA, Ph.D., University of Rochester—Professor, Psychology

Thomastine Anne Sarchet, BS, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Research Associate, NTID Center for Educational Research Partnerships (CERP); Adjunct Instructor, Teaching and Curriculum

Deirdre A. Schlehofer, BA, University of Alaska; M.Phil., University of Bristol (United Kingdom); Ed.D., University of Rochester—Assistant Professor, Language Acquisition and Learning

Sara Schley, BA, Reed College; MA, Northeastern University; Ed.D., Harvard University—Associate Professor, Human Development and Language Acquisition

Michael S. Stinson, BA, University of California at Berkeley; MA, Ph.D., University of Michigan—Professor, Educational Psychology