Over the next several weeks, you will be seeing and hearing me speak at several different venues around campus about RIT's vision for Global Education. We are one of the nation's premier universities that prepare students in career-oriented professions. As we prepare our students for their future, every graduate should be able to understand and function in a new world environment that is multicultural and international. What skills will employers be looking for in our graduates? How can we make certain that our curriculum builds in the opportunities that address that question?

Global Education is a very deliberate effort that is supported by RIT's Strategic Plan. We have already established a commitment to global education by delivering our unique brand in Croatia, Dubai, Kosovo and other areas of the world. Our next focus is to expand coops and study abroad so that we can offer even more meaningful experiences for both students and faculty. But more is needed beyond that. Your perspective and feedback on this important initiative will help determine how we will shape, accomplish and assess our global education goals. My presentation will provide an overview of our current position and aspirations and then I will open the floor for questions and discussions. It is my hope that you will make time in your schedule to attend one of these Global Education sessions and share your thoughts with your colleagues and with me. Look for the dates, times and locations announced on Message Center.

Jeremy Haefner