Academic Program Management

Curriculum and Accreditation Updates:

M. Architecture Program

Degree Proposal sent to NYSED on May 20, 2010 – Still Pending
Charter Amendment filed with NYSED on October 17, 2010 – Still Pending
Substantive Change Request with MSCHE filed and approval granted (November 2010): Pending NYSED Approval
National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) – Program accepted as eligible for candidacy – October 21, 2010. Visiting team expected before first cohort of students is enrolled. This could be as early as spring 2011

ABET (Accrediting Board for Engineers and Technology) Re-Accreditation Visit

October 2010: 6 year re-accreditation for KGCOE programs and Golisano's Software Engineering Program

TAC (Technology Accreditation Commission) of ABET Reaccreditation Visit

October 2010: 6 re-accreditation visit for CAST programs – No deficiencies found

International Facility Management Association Foundation

Accredited RIT on-line MS Program in Facility Management: September 5, 2010 (6 year accreditation)

Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC)

Site visit September 2010 for reaccreditation of MS in Teaching Visual Arts (in CIAS) – awaiting decision

University Studies

A new first-year University Studies Student has been elected as the RIT Freshman Senator. Sarah Thomas joined University Studies this fall to find her major at RIT. Along the way, she plans to help other freshman with their adjustment and questions as the representative on Student Government for the first-year students. Sarah has been involved in numerous community service activities while at RIT and hopes to help others find ways to support charities.

Study Abroad & Fellowships Office Moves to Global Village

Study Abroad & Fellowships Office Moves to Global Village

The Study Abroad & Fellowships Office has moved into their new location within the Constellation Commons for Global Learning in Global Village. On Tuesday December 7, we will be hosting an open house (faculty/staff 3-5 pm and students 6-8 pm) to introduce the RIT community to our new offices. Please join us!

This spring we are sending over 30 students abroad through our global campuses and affiliate partnerships. Locations include Kosovo, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland. If you are a student interested in study abroad or applying for a fellowship or are a faculty member interested in taking a group of students overseas for a course, visit us in our new location, Global Village building 400, room 2070 (second floor above the Cantina and Grille), or call us at 585-475-4466. To make an appointment with an advisor, email and, of course, you can find a lot of information about the programs we offer on our website Study Abroad.

School of Hospitality and Service Management

The School of Hospitality and Service Management is proud be the recipient of a $35,000 Statler Grant to support study abroad for ACMT. Additionally, the School will receive a Statler Salute to Excellence Scholarship of $20,000 for an HSM student at RIT.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA) Update

Semester Conversion Support

Two SLOA workshops are being offered in December to support faculty who are working on course outlines for the semester conversion process. See The Wallace Center at for more information and to register for either Developing Course-Level Learning Goals & Student Learning Outcomes or Developing Course Assessments.

Ongoing Conversion Support - we are always available to respond to questions via e-mail and phone. However, our office can also provide:

  1. Web Support at
    • Student learning outcomes
    • Program level assessment plans
    • Rubrics to assess student learning
    • Program-Level Assessment Guide
    • Course Assessment Guide
  2. Direct Support to Programs -the SLOA Office can work with programs (meetings or electronic review) in the following areas:
    • Developing program-level assessment plans
    • Developing specific elements of a program-level assessment plan (benchmarks, goals, etc.)
    • Analysis of existing program assessment plans
    • Converting existing program-level plan to new required format
    • Developing Table 3 within the semester conversion packet