Computer-programming contest world finals may await RIT

A team of student computer programmers could soon be scrambling to find their passports.

RIT finished third in November 6th's Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest's Northeast North American Regional Final, just a shade behind champion MIT and runner-up Harvard. Read More »

IGM Builds Games With the Girl Scouts

IGM Builds Games With the Girl Scouts

Recently IGM hosted a workshop for the Girl Scouts about game design and analysis (what are the win conditions? What are the mechanics? Who are the players?). Girls that attended the workshop were given hands on access to tools and technologies to create their own games and explore design mechanics in existing titles. Read More »

RIT Initiative Strives to Create Free and Open Source Software

RIT Initiative Strives to Create Free and Open Source Software

The Free and Open Source Software initiative at Rochester Institute of Technology (FOSS@RIT) strives to incorporate humanitarian efforts into their work. Stephen Jacobs, the initiative's director and an RIT interactive games and media professor, continuously searches for ways to show students how their skills can benefit others. Read More »

Software Engineering Completes ABET Accreditation

The undergraduate Software Engineering program completed a successful ABET accreditation site visit in October. This is the program's third round of accreditation since graduating its first class in 2001. With this recent visit no issues were identified that the program needs to address.

IGM Presents at Adobe MAX 2010 Education Summit

IGM will present recent work at the Adobe MAX 2010 Education Summit in Los Angeles. Read More »

Lego League Team on Their Way to Regionals

On November 20, Stephanie Ludi's FIRST Lego League team participated in a regional qualifier tournament at Churchville-Chili High School. They won an award for Outstanding Project, and will move on to the Regional Championship to be held at the University of Rochester on December 5th. The team consists of five girls between the ages of 9 and 13. The team has worked on their research project and robot for the past 11 weeks in the Software Engineering Department's Senior Project/Grad Lab. Four GCCIS student mentors have been working with the girls during this time. Their names are: Brad Blankenship (BS SE Alumni, MS IGM), Mike Dapiran (BS CS Alumni, MS IGM), David Wilson (BS SE), and Christopher Wood (BS SE). This is Ludi's second year coaching an FLL team for girls.