Sustainability Grant

RIT's Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) has been awarded $13.1M in construction funding from the National Institute for Standards and Technology for a new 75,000 sq. ft. building which will serve as a center for sustainability research, technology transfer, education and outreach. The $38M facility, to be located near building 78, will be LEED certified (targeting LEED Platinum certification) and designed to demonstrate sustainable building technologies and energy systems. It will incorporate a unique infrastructure, a smart micro-grid and computing data center. Dr. Nabil Nasr, GIS Director and Assistant Provost, anticipates completion in late 2012.

Sustainability Grant

Ph.D. in Sustainability Receives Grant

Dr. Nasr delivered a multimedia presentation to the Henry Luce Foundation at Brown University on November 5, describing the progress and implementation of GIS' Ph.D. program in Sustainability. The doctoral program, now in its third year, has 14 students from a wide range of academic disciplines with the first graduates anticipated in May. The Henry Luce Foundation awarded Dr. Nasr a grant of $465,000 in 2007 to develop the sustainability Ph.D. program.

M.S. in Sustainable Systems Announced

A new M.S. program in Sustainable Systems has been announced by GIS. The program was approved by the State of New York in early October. It complements the current Ph.D. program by offering students a postgraduate degree option without the longer class and research time investment required to earn a doctorate. The degree will focus on the fundamentals underlying the development of sustainable systems, including sustainability science, industrial ecology, sustainability economics, and sustainable public policy.

Nasr Serves on NYS Smart Grid Consortium

Dr. Nasr has been selected to represent RIT on the Board of Directors of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium. The Consortium is a unique, not-for-profit public/private partnership to promote broad statewide implementation of the smart grid initiative (a proposed electric power delivery network that would use digital technology to control appliances at consumers' homes to save energy and reduce cost). It is the only organization of its scale in the U.S. committed to representing all major contributors across the energy value chain, including academia, utilities, markets, operators, industry, government and end-users.

U.S. Navy Projects

CIMS researchers tackled a pair of investigative projects which support the U.S. Navy. The first was a cooperative study with the University of Hawaii to benchmark a UAV and aircraft corrosion sensor developed by UH against current corrosion sensors. CIMS compared data supplied by several different sensors to establish their relative performance characteristics and determine if the UH sensor can be used in Asset Health Management systems (a CIMS area of specialization). In the second project, CIMS evaluated the performance of Referentia's T-Rex software (a data storage mechanism) for use in military vehicle AHM applications, and the software's potential application in AHM systems being developed for commercial vehicles. The studies were unded by Honolulu-based Referentia Systems, Inc.