ABET Visit

KGCOE is pleased and proud to say that the recent on-site visit by the ABET team, which was here to do a thorough assessment of all of RIT's engineering B.S. degree programs went extremely well. All the reviewed programs, including Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Microelectronic, and Software Engineering (which of course is in GCCIS) received a host of complementary comments. The final outcome of the visit will not become official and made public until next July, but we all are optimistic about receiving a full six year re-accreditation decision.

Student Research Funded by Semiconductor Research Corporation

The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), www.src.org, has funded Dr. Bruce Smith, Director of the Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. Program, for a three-year research program to extend optical lithography toward 2013 device generations. The SRC manages a broad program of basic and applied university research in semiconductor technology on behalf of its member companies. The funding will support student research efforts to allow semiconductor device patterning at dimensions below 32nm. This project will represent 18 years of continuous support of Prof. Smith's research and students by the SRC and its subsidiary, the Global Research Collaboration (GRC).

KGCOE Awarded Grant from Toyota USA Foundation

The Toyota USA Foundation, www.toyota.com/foundation, has awarded RIT's Kate Gleason College of Engineering a three-year, $420,000 grant to develop the Relevant Education in Math and Science Program. The program targets students in the 5th to 12th grades, uses real-world engineering, math and science problems to motivate learning of fundamental principles of math and science. It will eventually incorporate an online component to reach beyond its initial offering to students from schools in Rochester and the surrounding areas. Two engineering faculty, Dr. Margaret Bailey and Dr. Andres Carrano, will lead the team developing 33 classroom modules that will be linked to the math and science theory that students currently are expected to learn in school. The team will consist of engineering faculty and staff as well as area middle and high school teachers.

KGCOE Awarded Grant from Toyota USA Foundation

KGCOE Awarded Grant from Toyota USA Foundation

Faculty News

This is an exciting time for the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and its two new B.S. degree programs. Dr. Christiaan Richter, Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering, who joined RIT in the fall, had his research highlighted in the journal Science last month. His study solved the mystery of why titanium dioxide nanotubes do not perform up to expectations when used in solar cells to conduct the electricity generated by absorbing light. As such, the work establishes a path for future research to increase solar cell efficiency. Dr. Brian Landi was a featured panelist at the 2010 Persh Conference on "Workforce Development Meeting Material Science and Engineering Needs for the 21st Century" in October, as well as at the 2010 Advanced Energy Conference in New York City in November. He was awarded a $1 million grant from Defense Threat Reduction Agency to support his work. Dr. Steve Weinstein's research impacted a wide variety of application areas, and led to 4 co-authored and peer-reviewed journal publications this year in Wave Motion, Chemical Engineering Science, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, and Physics Review E. He obtained significant company-sponsored funding to support research in the coating of thin liquid films through joint efforts with Research Professor Ken Ruschak.