Happy New Year and welcome to the winter 2013 edition of the Academic Affairs eZine. It is sometimes difficult for me to fathom that 2013, the year of the semester, is here. It seems just like yesterday …. In light of three years of both highly visible and behind-the-scenes institutional transformation, it only makes sense to celebrate the inauguration of the semester system and the conclusion of the quarter system. The accomplishments are many; we’ve revised and redesigned our courses, revamped our advising and writing programs, and created a new general education curriculum, just to name a few. Plans are beginning for a formal recognition ceremony to acknowledge this momentous transition and more information will be shared in the coming months. I am also open to your suggestions as to how we can celebrate our years of planning and preparation. I have asked Fernando Naveda to lead this effort-please send your ideas to us via pingtheprovost@rit.edu. I look forward to your thoughts and ideas for this exiting time at RIT.

I hope you enjoy the latest news from the Division of Academic Affairs.

Jeremy Haefner, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs