American Physical Society Publishes Breakthrough Paper on Black Holes

Carlos Lousto and Yosef Zlochower recently published a new breakthrough paper detailing their record-breaking simulation of a 1:100 mass-ratio black-hole binary. The paper appeared in the prestigious journal, Physical Review Letters (January 24, 2011). Their work was also highlighted in the American Physical Society's Physics website as one of this year's exceptional papers in astrophysics and gravitation:

The simulations were carried out in the CCRG supercomputer 'NewHorizons', and in the 'Ranger' supercomputer on 768 processors for over 1800 hours. These computations will be important for the first direct detection of gravitational waves and the confirmation of the existence of black holes, a Nobel prize worthy discovery.

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Black holes with a mass ratio of 1:100 a few moments before they merge.
[Credit: H.-P.Bischof]