Last year, 150 faculty, staff, trustees and students met to engage in a discussion that sharpened our understanding of how our current academic programs should fit the mission and vision for RIT. The outcome of that discussion was a list of characteristics and outcomes that formed the Academic Program Profile which then became the launching point for the calendar conversion process. The transition from quarters to semesters is the perfect time to review and redesign our programs and reflect on how we want to shape our portfolio of academic programs in the future.

Look for the upcoming announcement for my town hall meeting this spring that will focus on the future of our curriculum portfolio. Students today look for more innovative and creative learning experiences that range from international co-ops and undergraduate research to study abroad, research and community learning opportunities. We must address these issues as well as many broader questions that will, in the end, define who we are and where we are heading. Do we want to become a comprehensive university? How should national trends affect our portfolio in the future? What do students want to see in terms of new programs? What should the balance be between graduate and undergraduate programs? I encourage you to participate in this discussion. Your feedback will help form the basis of a set of parameters and criteria that will guide faculty and administration in new program development at RIT.

Through the cooperation and determination from the entire RIT community, we have made tremendous progress. I am confident that this endeavor will not only energize our curriculum but will propel Rochester Institute of Technology to proud new heights.

Jeremy Haefner